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Words to Live By…

Words to Live By…

Words to Live By…

Words to Live By…

Today is World Environment Day!

The World Environment Day theme for 2011 is Forests: Nature at Your Service. Forests have numerous health, ecological, social and economic benefits yet “13 million hectares are destroyed each year.”

To help you green your daily routine and adapt an eco-friendly behavior, we’ve listed our favorite simple steps below. The full list, as well as more information about World Environment Day, can be found at .

Green YOUR Daily Routine!

  • Bring a mug with you whenever you go for take-out beverages, so you avoid using paper cups.
  • Consume locally. You will help reduce the demand for cutting down forests in foreign countries to meet export demands.
  • Discover an alternative to using traditional wrapping paper for holidays and birthday gifts.
  • Eat organic and locally grown foods and help reduce the clearing of forests for agricultural land.
  • Give memberships to an environmental organization or seedlings as birthday gifts.
  • Go electronic for bills and payments.
  • Plant a tree!
  • Reduce. Reuse. Recycle!

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Today is National Memo Day. Show us what you are writing or doodling in your ecosystem!

Words to Live By…