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The Tumblr Found Poetry Project

The New York Times is inviting students to participate in National Poetry Month by creating found poems using articles published in the paper of record. A found poem is “composed from words and phrases found in another text.”

While the Grey Lady is a rich source of content for poetry, we think Tumblr makes for a more entertaining medium.

So here’s the rub: We’d like you to submit found poems using content posted on Tumblr. Anything goes as long as:

–Each poem is 14 or fewer lines long.
–The poem uses no more than two of your own words. The words and phrases should come from text, picture, quote or chat posts published on Tumblr.
- You provide a link to your original source.

Have fun with the project. Here’s an idea to get you started: Could John Mayer be any more poetic?  We think so!

To submit: Reply to this post, reblog this post and tag it #Tumblr Found Poetry Project or submit your found poem here

To learn more: NY Times


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